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Hi, my name is Manuel DaCosta and I'm the person who referred you to our amazing Fast Track to Financial Freedom and the Free EB4LBuilder (Earn Big for Life Builder) system that powers it!
I also feel that I must warn you upfront that this system is Many Times more effective than anything you've ever seen before... I was totally astonished at the results after having completed the steps and started using the EB4LBuilder system. And it's so easy to use and uncomplicated! So much so, that Anyone can do it... Young or Old. And, do you know what the best part is? The EB4LBuilder system is completely FREE for you and your team/s to use. Yes! You can give it away for Free to your referrals so that they too can forever become free of money worries.

A Word of Caution! If you're like me, you normally blow things off because you probably have a bad case of "skepticism" (which I think is healthy to a certain point). But in this case, it would be a Huge Mistake to just brush aside what you have now in front of you. I highly recommend you go through this page and follow the directions to the Letter and be astonished as I was, at how powerful our System really is.

Introducing The System That Builds YOUR Business and YOUR Income in Super, Carefully Chosen, Income Producers Even if you ALREADY are a Member in One or ALL of them!... It Does NOT Matter!... It's FREE for you to use and Give Away to Your Team/s

We support and Build the very best, most reliable and proven income producers for income security and longevity. The EB4LBuilder system income producers have been carefully researched and tested and have proven to produce high incomes for thousands of people around the globe. These income producers all do business worldwide, thus are open to most of the world's population which means we have a HUGE market and will never run out of new people to grow everyone's incomes and propel everyone to Financial Freedom. Putting people on the Fast Track to Financial Freedom has not been possible up to just recently, but now with the income producers that have been developed, it is now possible and it is being done as we speak.
Our System Supports and Builds These Powerful Income Producers.
See below for a Brief Description of Each.

 Armchair Millionaire
-- 4Corners Alliance Group -- 60 Second Millionaire Secrets
SpinDing -- Buildabizonline -- Trafficwave with Team Atlantis

Don't do Yourself a HUGE Disservice by Disregarding This!!
Please Take the time to read this page in it's entirety
to fully understand what you have here in front of you!

Here's what you'll find within your EB4LBuilder System:

  • Welcome area with instructions for using the system

  • Team Builder Area - This is where you join the Income Producers to then add and update your referrals URLs so that your referrals join under you thus building your team and income

  • The EB4LBuilder Plan for Success - A plan with steps and strategies that you and your referrals can follow to quickly get started on the Track to Financial Freedom.
  • The EB4LBuilder Success Articles - Articles that you and your referrals can read to speed up success.
  • Advertising Resources.
  • 5,000 Free Daily Leads.
  • Promo Center - You will find here:

  • Personalized Autoresponder Capture Page/s for growing YOUR own list of prospects. This is YOUR list and nobody else's. Your prospects will receive automatically, specially written follow up messages over a period of time until they become members of the system and start joining your team. These messages have YOUR links and YOUR name embedded in them. It's as if YOU were sending them but the system does it all automatically without you lifting a finger. All you have to do is concentrate on promoting your capture page/s to bring in as many prospects as possible. Then the system will convert YOUR prospects into members of YOUR team thus growing your income. Your team can then duplicate exactly what you are doing. Quite simple but extremely powerful.
  • Splash Pages that you can use in the Traffic Exchanges and/or Safelists/List Builders. These Splash pages all lead to your Autoresponder capture page.
  • The Home page or Sales page - This is the page that you are reading right now - It is personalized with YOUR Name on it.
  • Still within the Promo Center - Here you will also find banners that already contain YOUR EB4LBuilder System personal links. All you have to do is copy and paste the code or the links that are provided. There are Solo/Email Ads - These are copy templates that you can copy and paste into your web site/s and/or send out to Safelists/ListBuilders or your mailing lists. In this section you will also find resources and instructions on the best ways for promoting and growing your income.
  • Subscribers/Referrals Stats Area - In this section you can view all your autoresponder newsletter subscribers/prospects and your personally referred members information like their Names, Email addresses and dates joined.
  • Bonuses Area - In this section you will find your bonuses for becoming a EB4LBuilder member. These are usually advertising credits and/or ebooks to help you further in promoting your business.
  • Profile Area - In this section you can manage your own Profile and see your Sponsor's Info.

Below you'll be introduced to our Income Producers so that once you're on the inside of the EB4LBuilder System, you'll already know what to expect. The Income Producers are presented here solely for one purpose, which is to introduce them to you... you MUST NOT join them before you have created your Free EB4LBuilder System. Once you've created your own personalized EB4LBuilder System with your own personalized pages and member area, you can then decide which Income Producers suite you best. You are not obliged to join them all ever and you can grow at your own pace. Just One Income Producer within the system has the potential to boost your income like nothing you've ever seen. We only added the top, most reliable producers.

And, If you already are a member in one or more of the programs listed, simply enter your existing IDs/Usernames. (The Exception to this are the Income Producers that are within Team Builds where you MUST create NEW Accounts to Join Under a Team Member, if you are NOT a member already - See below). You simply input your info and update the system and use it for Free to build your Income.

The EB4LBuilder System Income Producers
That Will Put You On The Fast Track
To Financial Freedom in 2014 and Beyond

Important Notes
DO NOT Join Any of the Income Producers Shown Below Just yet. They are presented here Solely for Informational purposes - You will be able to Visit and Study each in turn to then Join the ones that interest you, Once your EB4LBuilder System has been set up!

Again, if you already are a member in one or all of the Income Producers that are part of the EB4LBuilder system, you can still use the system to build your teams and income. The Exception is the "Team Atlantis" Team Build. However, this exception Does Not apply if you are already a member in the Team, i.e. you are welcome to use our prospecting system to build your Trafficwave business.

Even if you don't join any of the other Income Producers in the system, the First Three are a Must Join because they will put you on the Fast Track to Financial Freedom. Armchair Millionaire, 4Corners Alliance Group and 60 Second Millionaire Secrets are the true Liberators and you should take part even if you do nothing else... Here they are:

Armchair Millionaire


Anyone Can Earn Over $100,000 In Less Than 8 Weeks, Part-Time,
With These Quick And Simple Methods!

After you Join "Armchair Millionaire" you can Join The "Power Team Builders" and They Will Build Your Downline For FREE! All Power Team Builders members will receive a Lifetime Free Promotion that will build their Millionaire Downline for Them!

Armchair Millionaire Video Presentation

You will need your Armchair Millionaire Username in order to Build Your Income With Your Free EB4LBuilder Income Building System.

( e.g. http://www.armchairmillionaire.org/?YourUsername )

Create Your Free EB4LBuilder System via the link below. You can then join Armchair Millionaire and input your Info in your Team Builder Area.

4Corners Alliance Group

Get Ready to Discover a Brand New,
World-Wide, Home Business

A STRONG 4 x 6 Structure
That Will Change Your Life!

Simple - Affordable - FAST!

4Corners Alliance Group is the birth of a new revolution in online wealth creation. Our vision is to help network marketers, affiliate marketers and entrepreneurs have massive financial breakthroughs and create a permanent change in their quality of life and financial situation.

4Corners offers a streamlined business build through -
  • A hefty 80% commission payout, split between qualifying member and their sponsor
  • Unique good value educational products
  • Informative Monthly Newsletter
  • Exclusive optional International Investment Club
By joining 4Corners Alliance Group, you have the unique opportunity to get involved with some of the most popular, prolific, (and successful), internet marketers on the planet!

Say goodbye to past bad experiences and all barriers that stand in the way of you and a thriving business... and hello to a community of online marketers who HELP you build your business FAST.

We treat our members AS VALUED PARTNERS, always staying mindful that your #1 priority is to build your business and keep it profitable. Our #1 priority is to help you grow – personally and financially … so that lives are impacted and ANYONE can succeed – wherever in the world you happen to be.

Right here, right now - we have provided everything you need to build a secure business and generate income FAST!

Watch this Informative Company Presentation

You will need your 4Corners Alliance Group Username in order to Build Your Income With Your Free EB4LBuilder Income Building System.

( e.g. https://www2.fourcornersalliancegroup.com/YourUsername/join )

Create Your Free EB4LBuilder System via the link below. You can then join 4Corners Alliance Group and input your Info in your Team Builder Area.

60 Second Millionaire Secrets
Built with Pinoy Recruiters

Tracy Davison is Creating 10,000 Millionaires During 2014!

You Can be One of them!

The Recruiting Problems
That the Vast Majority
of Online Marketers Face
Have Been Solved!

In 60 SMS, the need to Recruit has been Eliminated!

It Cannot be Any Simpler or Easier...

You will be able to Join Our Team Early to Secure Your Completely Filled Matrix In 60 Second Millionaire Secrets!

As one of EB4LBuilder's Primary Income Producers, 60 Second Millionaire Secrets has a measly monthly fee of only $10, which builds for you an astounding residual monthly income of Thousands within the next six to twelve months. It could be much sooner though.

Our Team has a powerful vision that has never been done before. Leveraging the power of a Call Center in the Philippines called "Pinoy Recruiters", we allow our members to Order Automated Signups in their downline. Yes, these are paying members being added to your team!

Get only 2 people signed up or buy 2 paid sign-ups from Pinoy Recruiters! Get them to do the same and so on AND Voila... A Monthly Residual Income of Your Dreams Is YOURS! Get more than 2 and the sky is the limit with just the 60 SMS 100% Matching Bonus Pay!

Once you're signed up and are active/paid in 60 SMS, you'll be in Tracy Davison's Downline. So that means you can purchase paid sign ups for yourself if you so wish. With our EB4LBuilder Prospecting System, you purchase some paid sign ups from Pinoy Recruiters and advertise your System capture pages that will be created for you to easily bring in your own recruits, thus building your team and income a lot easier and much faster.

You will need your 60 SMS Username in order to Build Your Income With
Your Free EB4LBuilder Income Building System.

( e.g. http://YourUsername.60secondmillionairesecrets.com )

Create Your Free EB4LBuilder System via the link below. You can then join 60 Second Millionaire Secrets and input your Info in your Team Builder Area

* SpinDing Will be a HUGE Income Producer Very Soon!!
* Everyone that joins after you, Goes Under You!
* Every Sale in the Company benefits You!

You will need your SpinDing Username in order to Build Your Income With
Your Free EB4LBuilder Income Building System.

( e.g. http://www.spinding.com/YourUsername )

Create Your Free EB4LBuilder System via the link below. You can then
join SpinDing and input your Info in your Team Builder Area.

Buildabizonline (BABO)

This Income Producer is quite special and highly recommended for a very good reason...It produces income even as a free member and it teaches you and your team to be Professional Online Marketers, providing excellent marketing tools essential for building Your Monthly Passive Income. This one you should definitely join right away even if as a free member.

You will need your Buildabizonline Username in order to Build Your Income With
Your Free EB4LBuilder Income Building System.

(e.g. http://buildabizonline.com/?YourUsername)

Create Your Free EB4LBuilder System via the link below. You can then
join BABO and input your Info in your Team Builder Area.

TrafficWave & Team Atlantis

You may have seen Team Atlantis' ads flying around the Internet. They are everywhere. TrafficWave was added to EB4LBuilder a second time here, for three excellent reasons. It's a Remarkable Income Producer, it is a an essential Online Marketer's Tool and it is the Company that Team Atlantis is building in.

Team Atlantis has been around since 2009 and is going stronger than ever. The Team Build has withstood the test of time due to it's founder and admin Didi Wargo, being such an excellent leader and the fact that the Team gets members the results it promises. Didi has managed to maintain attrition extremely low, i.e. the vast majority of members stay with the team and thus become successful Trafficwave affiliates.

The Team Build is, at the time of this writing, directly responsible for having seven (7) Trafficwave affiliates listed in it's top twenty (20) monthly earners report. That is really something to boast about.

Team Atlantis is interesting because it provides all members with their first three PAID sign ups thus putting the member in a break even position. The team does NOT accept free trials in Trafficwave. After the member receives their first three, they are then put into a special rotator to continue receiving PAID sign ups to continue building their income.

With Team Atlantis members have choices. They can contribute with advertising for the team and be eligible to receive PAID Sign ups or Not contribute and have a special personalized capture page made for them to advertise Only for themselves using the Team's name, or do both. In our case we have an extra method of acquiring sign ups for Trafficwave and grow our Incomes much faster, which is of course our EB4LBuilder System.

You will need your Trafficwave Username in order to Build Your Income With
Your Free EB4LBuilder Income Building System and Team Atlantis.

( e.g. http://www.trafficwave.net/members/YourUsername/affiliate.html )

You can Click Here to visit the Team Atlantis Website where you can learn how the team operates and what is expected of each member and the benefits of being a Team Atlantis Member.

DO NOT Join the Team just yet

Once your EB4LBuilder System is set up, you can join TrafficWave first and then Team Atlantis by following the instructions that are provided in
your member area in the Income Producers section.

Note: If you are ALREADY in Trafficwave with Team Atlantis, you can Still use our Prospecting System for Free! Furthermore... If you already have a Trafficwave account that falls under the Team Atlantis downline, you are still Welcome to join Team Atlantis AND use our System for Free!

Congratulations on getting this far. You have taken the time to watch the videos, have studied our Income Producers and have read this entire page. This shows that you are serious about becoming Financially Free or at the very least hugely improve your income to levels you have not thought possible before. Go ahead and click the Button below to continue on to create your Free EB4LBuilder System.

Please Note: Even if you can't join all the Income Producers inside the EB4LBuilder system for now, it's important that you at the very least join Armchair Millionaire, 4Corners and 60 SMS for now, and update your EB4LBuilder Prospecting System to start growing your business. Just follow the Plan for Success in your system.

Again, if you already have accounts at one or more of the programs listed, simply enter your existing IDs/Usernames. (The Exception to this is the Income Producer "Trafficwave" that's within the "Team Atlantis" Team Build where you MUST create a NEW Account to Join Under a Team Member). Just be sure to create your Free EB4LBuilder Income Building System first because it will help you to build your downlines in ALL the Income Producers that you are or will be involved with, creating for you multiple income streams as people join, helping you to build your business.

I hope you're ready to jump on the Fastest Track Ever to Financial Freedom!... Because if you're not ready now, WHEN will you be?! The Best Time to Start is NOW! Take Action Now and Never Look Back! You were lucky enough to find this opportunity... I truly hope you seize it!

This is Truly THE Fastest Track Ever
to Becoming Financially Free!

Manuel DaCosta
Your EB4LBuilder Sponsor and Business Partner

Manuel DaCosta
EB4LBuilder Admin and Friend

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